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Save My Shady Lawn!

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I know I'm probably grasping at straws, but I'm hoping to find some wisdom here. My "lawn," if you can call it that, is very, very shaded. So shaded, that the green stuff out there is mostly moss and a few weeds. Will any grass type thing grow in the shade? I can't just cut trees down; part of the shade problem is because my neighbors all have big trees, too.


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    The bottom of our lawn is like that, shaded by big trees hanging over it from outside our fence. We tried to get stuff to grow but, apart from brambles, wildflowers and scrub grass, nothing will. I wish you luck!
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    I don't have any trees out back, other than a palm I planted in the back corner, when I first moved here. However, my neighbors all have large trees that overhang my yards, and throw shade onto my lawns. I haven't seen any difference in the greenness of my lawns, though, other than the fact that the grass grows more quickly in the non-shaded areas. Perhaps there's some type of grass that thrives in shade?
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