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Outdoor Furniture Trends

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What is new this year?


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    I've been noticing that wicker basket furniture is incredibly unique. Lotta people love the wicker basket furniture trend simply because it looks very outdoorsy. I also enjoyed as well and maybe investing in some of this furniture isn't such a bad idea since it's all season.
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    I have had the wicker furniture and don't seem to cares for it. I really am needing to get new patio furniture but not sure what to get because of the way our new back yard is set up. We don't have a deck. We just have a enclosed porch it would be nice to have a table inside the porch and outside. But not really sure how to set up the yard now because I have never had no deck to put stuff on.
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    I have seen something, that technically is furniture but at the same time isn't, and is the absolute coolest thing I've ever seen and I have no idea how it isn't a trend. I've never seen it in person, just in a picture, but I'm already obsessed with the idea of it and want it in our backyard. It was a dug out area in the ground, buy about 2-3 feet, and lined with wood. It was like a big square couch, with steps on one side, and a stone fire place in the middle, lined with cushions on the couch area. It looked rather fabulous, and I'd trade any backyard furniture just to have it, but I'm sure all of the digging an be a little tough!
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