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Well pumps

I'm looking to hook up our house to an existing well that's being used for another house. Is this possible? If it is am I going to need a separate well pump?


  • H_CH_C
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    There are nice pump units available today that can be connected to the old well point or piping. The installation may be minimal depending on what is there. These days anything can most likely be done, hopefully it does not empty the pockets though.
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    You will need permission from the other owner, unless you own that house or there is something in your deed that allows "shared" resource. Then you need to make sure the well can supply both your needs and the other homes'. You will share the pump and expansion tank for the well, but depending on distance and "head" of your home compared to the where the well is, you may need a pump and tank to get the water the extra distance to your home.
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    This already sounds like an incredibly expensive project. It also sound like an incredibly extensive project as well because you had to get the approval from all these different people. If anyone is willing to put this much effort in you have to pat them on the back because I'm defiantly not one to work this hard.
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