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My in laws have an older hvac system. Last summer the compressor went out. They are an older couple who does not to try to make it thru this summer without air conditioning. I found a used compressor for 500$. They really don't have the money for a whole new unit, but we are going to figure out a way to do it if need be. Should I risk the used compressor? If they lose air again we'll just have to buy the new unit anyway. But if there's a chance a used 500$ compressor could possibly do the job then we will give it a try. I don't know how much used compressors usually go for, but I know if its too cheap it's going to be trouble.


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    the used compressor is likely not a match for the rest of the current system. You will have trouble finding someone to install it and charge it. The compressor, unless, uninstalled and resealed will likely fail, quickly. Most are worth scrap value at most.

    Spend the money on a new, HE, unit and let your folks be comfortable and they will likely see a reduce utility bill as a bonus.
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    We were hoping to a kid putting that much money into it, but its better than spending that money on a used compressor and then having to spend the money for a new unit on top of it.
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