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Pointers in Proper Maintenance of Outdoor Decks

edited March 2015 in Patio, Deck, & Pavers 3.00 Karma
Regular upkeep of your deck is necessary. This is exposed to harsh weather and can easily deteriorate. Make sure to wash the decking thoroughly before making any repairs.


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    We have a new deck that is not stained or treated, as far as I know with anything. What should we use on it to preserve the wood?
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    We have had our stained in the last couple of years and it looks wonderful. How often should we have this done in order to preserve the wood?
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    I'm still looking into different options. Ours is pretty small, and it looks like it may have been already. I'd like it darker, though.
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    also, use a pressure washer if possible to get rid of dirt and fibers. The pressure stream should be moving or else it might scratch the wood surface. :)
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