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Vinyl fence

With our HOA we are limited with fence choices. What are other peoples experiences with vinyl fences? Do they warp, fade, crack? How durable are they? How pleasing to the eye?


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    I see them everywhere. Surely they are durable or so many people wouldn't have them. I too am considering a vinyl fence around my property. I do see some dirty ones now and then so they would have to be cleaned.
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    People most likely get vinyl because it requires less maintenance than a wooden fence. It can be more affordable than wood, metal or composite fences. Most people choose vinyl fencing because it cost less, and can have decent warranties since they last a fairly long time.
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    I wonder what the life span is for vinyl fences. It makes since to be more lasting then wood. I did not know it is less expensive. With wood I know post holes must be dug and a certain depth. How are vinyl fences installed? The more I think on it, the more I favor the clean white vinyl against our green garden. What is the care required to keep clean? Hmmm.
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