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Chicken coop

We have a coop we built ourselves. It's good as far as keeping our chickens protected. We lost 3 babies in the beginning because some kind of animal pulled them through the holes in the fencing. That was an awful mess, but we fixed it. What we failed to prepare for was this past winter. We covered all but a foot or so of the door and covered up the window. Apparently, it was good enough because we didn't lose any birds. Next year I don't want to settle for "good enough". I want their building to be warm enough that even a person could hang out in there comfortably. What is the best way to heat their building. It's a small building and a space heater or kerosene heater would be way to risky in there.


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    This may be a rather silly idea, but my family has a farm and they actually use electric blankets, like the ones with the short circuit protector thing. It's pretty spendy, but all of the dogs love them and I don't think it's as dangerous as other options like a space heater. At nights during winter, their dogs they had would either be on or near the blankets. I know dogs aren't chickens, but blankets also radiate heat and it could be kept out of reach from them should you want to so, putting it on the wall, or the top. I bet my idea is rather silly, but I'm sure not many others would think of it as an option.
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    I think you are right that it could be a risky situation. I would create a cover to heavily insulate the building. You could make it the exact size of the building, leaving a spot for the door. The animals' body heat will warm the area. The problem is probably that all of the heat they create is escaping. With this heavy insulation, it might also be possible to have a heater that you could turn on for a few minutes just to jumpstart warming the place. Then, it should stay pretty warm from their body heat.
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    I really like the electric blanket idea. If I could get enough of them I can like the walls with them. Between that and a cover for the building I think I have our solution. Thank you guys
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    It sounds like you have good chicken coop going on; nevertheless, my sister has chickens, so I asked her for advice. Her response was that chickens are pretty smart and huddle up close together for body heat. She also lays down some straw for insulation. If you think too much body heat is escaping the covered insulation sounds like a good idea. I must say the electric blanket idea was extremely clever, but just sounded a little risky to me. Although, I would be interested to find out, if you decide to use electric blankets. Good Luck!
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