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Create a fountain with a willow dome.

I just wanted to put out a suggestion for something that I tried and was very successful with. While I was working in Galicia, Spain I did a work exchange and the gentlemen who owned the property had a simple fountain setup. It was basically a large barrel cut in half that trickled water through a hole near the top. The water ran over some rocks and down into a pond. Then, a pump pumped the water back into the barrel. It was solar powered and really nice, but looked a bit simple. I found a woman nearby who had tons of willows. She let me pull a bunch of small branches off in exchange for some work. Willows are very bendable so I brought them back and stuck the cleaned branches evenly spaced around the barrel, pointing up. Then I tied them at the top and wove more of them horizontally, spacing them about 6 inches apart. After that, we added vines that were rooted in pots in the barrel. They grew up and covered the willow. The result was amazing and it looked better every week.


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    It sounds beautiful TinVanMan. You wouldn't happen to have any pictures would you? Do you think at any point the foliage would hinder the flow of water?
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