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Insulation under a double wide

My friend has just purchased a double wide and is doing repairs before he moves in. There is little to no insulation underneath and we're not sure there's supposed to be. Word has it that since he lives in a coastal region, insulation will only draw moisture and cause the floors to rot. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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    moisture will accumulate and will cause the floors to rot. Best to keep the space well ventilated. That space needs to be sealed well, to keep critters from calling it home. If left open, it will become a haven for them, in a very short time.
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    Thanks Dave. They just found out that the floor is rotted all along the AC duct work. That's where the AC sweats during the summer and the moister has no where to go expect into the floor. :( They now have some major repair work to handle.
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    Can they get away with only replacing some patches in the floor, or are they going to have to replace the entire thing. The duct work has got to run through the entire place, yeah?
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