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Trash Sheds (fenced)

Has anyone here made a trash shed before? I have been thinking about doing this as a way to keep the squirrels away from both our trash cans and our recycle bins. Do I need a certain type of wood for this or will anything do?


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    We used standard lumber on ours. I think a more expensive wood would look better, but the cheap stuff was sufficient for ours.
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    You could use any type of wood; however how you want your wood to stand up against the elements of nature is important to consider. I would invest in exterior wood; such as untreated red cedar, redwood, or cypress. Wood magazine promotes cyrprss as the best because it does not tend to split when driving fasteners like the other two mentioned. If want treated exterior wood, a little pricier and becomes a bit of a process. For example, if you choose yellow pine, it is usually shipped and packed wet and needs to be air dried for a couple months prior to avoid cracking, warping, or shrinking. I would actually go to a local lumber yard and ask questions when choosing an appropriate wood for your project.

    Now when it comes to the cosmetics of your fenced trash shed, my mother was telling me about the most clever one she ever ran across was in Bavaria, Germany. It was so cute, she actually took a picture of it! lol They decorated the top with frost resistant sempervivum plants in a shallow metal container. You could have the cutest trash shed in the neighborhood! Good luck!

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    Like SallyMarie said, go with exterior wood, untreated. Cedar is good. Treated lumber could be harmful to your health due to all the unsafe chemicals they add.
    You can even go for a kit shed, which might not be a bad idea to save money. You can get them at pretty much any home improvement store.
    Of course there is the option of just going to a lumber yard and talking to a professional, or semi-professional. Some caulk wouldn't be a bad idea to seal any cracks. I wouldn't be surprised if you could find one local on Craigslist, if you're into doing that to save some money.

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