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DIY Bird Feeder!

I've seen some pretty cute idea for DIY bird feeders, from having a plate filled with birdseed held up by rope and suspended from a tree, tin cans full of birdseed hanging from a tree (with little sticks on the edge for the birds to land), having a water bottle with bird seed and a plate underneath, things like that. What kind of DIY bird feeders have you guys seen? Have you tried any?


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    I'm still working on that. I need one I can hanging my porch... Som
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    I've seen some of those DIY bird feeders and they're really cute. However, we have so many squirrels that none of them would work around here. I'm limited to the squirrel proof feeders if there is such a thing. Ha!
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    I saw one recently that was right up my alley. It was a pretty flowered tea cup and saucer, where the cup was sideways, fastened on top of the plate, where the birdseed could sort of spill out onto the plate, which had a little lip. I mentioned it to a friend who's even craftier than I am, and who has tools *wink wink*, so hopefully between the two of us, we can figure it out, and make one or two.
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    I'm in the same boat as Tessa. We have so many squirrels around here that they would probably get into the bird feeder! We also have a lot of birds too so I really want to make my own bird feeder. I've seen blue jays (one of my favorite types birds) and I really want to lure them into my yard to watch them.
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    I really would love to have a bird feeder, but I have a cat that loves to hunt, my garden had a bird box in and we have had to take it down because she would sit on it and terrorise whatever was inside! I agree though, bird feeders are so pretty sometimes.
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