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The effects of Winter

How does the wintertime affect you? For me, I am not the biggest fan of winter at all. I prefer the summertime when the weather is much more beautiful and hot. What about you? Do you like it, love it, or hate it? Why or why not?


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    I usually don't mind winter so much, unless I have to drive in snow and ice. This year, we had a horrible winter, and I missed a total of 8 days from work! That really hurt! My favorite season is Autumn. I love the chill in the air, with the warm sun counteracting it. I love to see the leaves falling. Autumn makes me feel so mellow. It's my reading season.
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    Winter brings on all kinds of extra burdens, when it comes to chilling temperatures! We had our pipes freeze. For those of you, in the know, you can imagine what fun this was to clean up. My parents had a tree fall on their circuit breaker to the house and were without power for a week. We had heavy snowfall hit the family greenhouse and will need to purchase new plastic and replace some of the wood that rotted. Oh, the joys of winter! Hurray for Springtime! Of course, that also means spring cleaning time!
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    I don't mind the winter weather but I always mind the cleanup when it comes to the branches that shed from the trees each year. I am pretty sure we have had a record breaking year, it took us the entire weekend to clean up just about 80% of what was dumped.
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    Wintertime is when I'm the happiest. I can't get comfortable unless I'm at least chilly. And I can't sleep at all if. I'm too warm! So, naturally, wintertime is the best time of year around here
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    I'm much happier when it is not winter because I can actually go outside and get some activity and sunlight. I also don't like how winter threatens the plants in my garden. I was worried about the strawberries because of all the snow last winter but luckily my strawberries made it through the season. :)
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