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How do you feel about Christmas?

I love Christmas, but I find it to be depressing in some ways. Some ways like not having same family members around, or it being so commercial by being advertised on TV and everywhere else. IT is so depressing. It is not depressing in the sense of JEsus' birth. I love the religious aspect of it. Do you feel like Christmas can be depressing in some ways as well?


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    Yes. There are times that I get misty-eyed around Christmas. I remember Christmases that I celebrated with family members (including pets) who are gone now. We celebrate it in our home as a time to give thanks for Jesus, but it's also a time when families form rituals and traditions. I miss that.
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    I used to love it. I was that person at work who turned on Christmas music the day after thanksgiving and not turn it off until after Christmas. It's kind of lost its thrill for me. I don't really do much for it any more
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