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Outdoor Furniture and Bird Droppings Go Hand-In-Hand

edited April 2015 in Patio, Deck, & Pavers 3.00 Karma
Outdoor furniture can be very hard to maintain to keep them looking clean and inviting each time the need arises to use them. Of course, a home with a patio or backyard requires pieces of furniture to give an informal look and feel and provide extra options for creating a space that can be used to host a party, have an informal family dinner or host any celebration. Especially in the warm summer months when most of us like to spend time outside in the open air enjoying a cool evening breeze; outdoor furniture provides a great...


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    Oh, the dreaded bird droppings! What to do? I usually just bring out a damp cloth and wipe away. In the evening, we remove our cushion. This helps keep away the overnight moisture for when we want to go outside in the morning for a cup of coffee or orange juice. Nothing sets off the morning worse then sitting on a wet cushion!
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    I have this problem too. I have a beautiful flagstone patio in the back of my yard that looks so peaceful and relaxing. It's a nice aesthetic view from my kitchen window...except I have to put the cushions from the furniture away every night to avoid waking up to speckles! I would love to be able to keep the cushions out all the time because their color just adds so much to the way it looks...makes the whole yard look so much more inviting, but the birds have other ideas!
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