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Water backing up into reserve water!?

Yikes, toilet seems to be stuffed up and when I plunge it I seem to notice that sewage water is backing up into the tank in the back. I'm not sure what is happening here but that bathroom is now unusable!


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    you have some work to do. The tank to toilet valve has broken or worn out. Plunging should push the stuff down through the pipes. You may need to use an auger, they sell them at lowes and such. If that does not clear the clog, you will need to call a plumber as the clog is further downstream from where you can get to it. It could be the septic tank (if you have one) or system. If you are on public sewage, then you need to check the other toilets, tub and sink drains and see if they are all flowing and draining as they should.

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