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Bugs, Gnats, and flying things

This time of year there are small, teeny-tiny bugs everywhere in my yard...they seem to come out of the grass or trees, not sure which. It's not just my yard, it's anywhere there's grass and trees. It makes sitting in or working in the yard a huge annoyance. What can I do to treat it without calling someone to spray some chemical all over?


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    Can you pick up a can of bug spray from the drug store and spray outside or on the outside of your house to keep them from coming? There's bug zappers and those special candles that you can burn outside. Or were you looking for natural ways to get rid of gnats and tiny bugs?

    One time we had gnats in the house. It turned out they were attracted by a plant that was dying.
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    bats can eat tons of those pests, and bat boxes are quite cheap to build and hang up. They make a spray through the hose, spray for your lawn that does a good job of controlling the bugs and they kill ticks as well, especially the little tiny ones.
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    You can buy normal household bug spray which is usually very effective, or if you wish to go down the natural route you could try citronella candles placed around the windows. This will deter most flying insects.
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