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Useful Pointers in Deck Upkeep

edited April 2015 in Patio, Deck, & Pavers 3.00 Karma
Your deck may seem sturdy enough but years of exposure to natural elements can hasten deterioration. To avert rapid wear and tear, it is important that you maintain an effective maintenance routine.


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    that would include proper cleaning with a stiff brush. Stay away from pressure washers as they can remove a lot of wood, leaving your deck open to mildew, rot and the like.

    Some of the new deck "renew" products are not working well at all, and when you consider their cost - you may well want to avoid them.
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    Thanks Davedavid, I have just had new decking put in and I want to maintain it for as long as possible. I do not want it to turn into that horrible, dirty, slimy death-trap decking that you so often see!
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