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Server Settings?


With the release and new map i have a few things i need answered here, pending the release of the new map i want to run a server i have been on so many player and official and i cant find a happy medium. The problem with official is grinding and taming to have everything taken by the next guy down the trail and the time it takes to get anywhere. The problem i have with player owned so far has been admin abuse and boosted everything it seems unless to tame a anky when u can harvest the same amount with your person and the dino stats are so boosted even tho i had 50plus plant x on a prim plus a few spins from a high level flyer took them out with easy an my week long base build was wiped to the frame work in an hour, not to mention the lag when more then 20 players are on. So that being said my intent is to rent a server when they are available close to 50 players hopefully depending on how donations go i could bump it up to 70. I want to make the game fun again and take it back to the roots, dinos. I want to set the taming up so instead of taking 5 hours to tame a 150lvl rex with prime it takes maybe 2 or 1 with kibble making kibble useful again because why even bother if you cant perfect tame a 150 giga with 5 prime meat? I want to make the harvest setting right and have the player get more then standard but still make it much more beneficial to use the farming dinos.

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