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How can I add a Privacy Screen to my Deck, Lattice or other materials

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I am looking for some ideas about adding some privacy panels on one side of my deck. The deck has a standard picket railing about 4 feet high. I have seen some photos of lattice panels bolted or screwed on top of the railings to provide a higher privacy screen.


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    Just adding another item to: (how can I add privacy to my deck). Is there some free plans or pictures that might be available, and it does not have to be lattice, anything that provides a privacy screen, thanks and no rush for anyone with ideas.
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    I came across this glass railing details and would like to post for your reference. For privacy, I hope we have to go for additional pasting of wallpaper over the glass railing. Apart from this there is another link to decide over deck railing.
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    Good Thread, privacy screens are becoming popular and most homes have a deck. Hopefully some more out there have good ideas to share.
  • jyjy
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    The first thing that came to mind were lattices with climbing ivy or rose bushes. Tall evergreen bushes might do well too. Do you like hanging plants? That's another option.
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    Lattice-work with grape vines would provide a permanent privacy screen with organic appeal. You can paint the lattice-work to complement your house. Even in winter, when many vines die back, the grape vines would still be present.
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    Lattice fence makes a nice addition to your home and yard. When using this type of fence, the addition of climbing plants can be added to vine up the fence. This will make a beautiful view from the road especially if the plants are blooming.

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    We have a chain link fence around our pool which provided no privacy at all. I planted English Ivy in a few strategic spots and now it has covered the entire fence and we have plenty of privacy. Of course, this didn't happen overnight and we have it pruned now because it is so prolific. It is beautiful though.
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