Installation Guide



1.  EXCAVATION - A proper base is the key ingredient for a successful paver application. Suggested depths are 4" to 6" for walkways & patios, 8" to 10" for driveways and other vehicular applications.


2.  BASE PREPARATION - The base material should consist of 3/4" quarry process (class 5 gravel). The base material should be level and compacted using a gas powered plate compactor. After final compaction, check the entire area for proper level conditions.


3.  EDGE RESTRAINTS - The borders for your layout design may now be put into place. The plastic edging is laid directly upon the quarry process base and secured with 10" steel spikes one spike should be used every two feet for walkways and patios and every one-foot for driveways.


4.  SETTING BED - A setting bed of mason sand can now be spread on top of the compacted base. This is a fine layer to further level the patio.


5.  INSTALLATION OF PAVERS - Place the pavers in the desired patterns.  String lines will assist in assuring straight lines. Spacing between pavers should not exceed 1/8"


6.  COMPACTING AND SWEEPING - Spread and sweep sand over the top of the pavers. Vibrating with a plate compactor will force the sand between the joints stabilizing and leveling the final surface. Excess sand should be swept into joint. sweep additionally as necessary.

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